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Friday July 5th 2002: 10:26 PM:

I know I havent updated in a while, but I have some important news for you today. A new film called "The Mesmerist" based on Edgar Allan Poe's The Facts in the Case of Mr. Vlademar. The flim stars Neil Patrick Harris, who you may remember as Doogie Houser from Doogie Houser M.D. (They never should have cancled that show). For more information, visit

Tuesday April 9th 2002 9:27 PM:

Here's a link for you: An active Poe Yahoo group. Worth joining.

Tuesday Febuary 19th 2002 8:04 PM:

I'll get around to posting the last ten stories this weekend, been busy with school and what not.

Thursday Febuary 14th 2002 7:13 AM:

The last ten stories havent been posted yet, I just posted one this morning, maybe I'll finish them tonight.

Wednesday Febuary 13th 2002 7:06 AM:

I will be posting the last of Edgar's stories today, and the archive will be complete.

Monday Febuary 11th 2002 3:45 PM:

I got off my butt and now all stories/poems are corrected. I found around ten more stories floating around the net, and I'll be putting them up soon.

Monday Febuary 11th 2002 7:01 AM:

More format errors corrected, main page looks nicer now. All format errors should be corrected by the end of the week, with any luck.